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When the white noise stops it feels like Sunday morning for me. An ease of being that makes it feel as though where I am is where I’m supposed to be. There’s a subtle warmth of enthusiasm that I feel when I hit the flow state where the self-filtering shuts off . This could be something similar to that liquid kind of courage.  


Tequila isn't a lubricant and Sunday isn't a holy day - they're just symbolic for a creative kind of bliss. The kind that lets me tap into my toolset to make visual art across multiple mediums. I like to mix my thoughts into my art - playing with hand type and that organic sketch-nature of my work can speak across many audiences. It makes great art, some might call it smart. I had to have a way to combine all of these creative currents and then my own brand was formed. That's why I have tees for sale, as well as original prints of my own illustrations. If you don't like scrolling you can always find me at the Indie Flea in Tampa's Seminole Heights or at the St Pete Indie Nights exchange. Tequila Sunday is updated weekly - this usually being Sunday's. As that makes too much sense to ignore. 

I’m a multimedia designer, illustrator, and writer in the Tampa Bay Area.  I’m enthusiastic for the creative community, the coffee culture, and the opportunity to collaborate. 


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multimedia design | illustration | professional writing